Providing a full-service enterprise solution has been our mission from the beginning.

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Property Management Systems

Innovative Technology for the Hospitality Industry

Our vision was to create a solution that would be comfortable in a full-service hotel as well as a seaside resort. Skyware’s property management system is quickly becoming an industry benchmark from which other systems measure features and functionality versus price. Skyware uses the latest technology to provide an enterprise solution that incorporates a full-featured property management system, activity/spa scheduler, online booking engine, account receivable and yield management—all within a single database.

What Makes Skyware the Best Hotel Property Management Software?

Skyware’s cloud-based property management system provides a seamlessly integrated solution allowing remote access throughout your entire property. We offer the best and most consistent US based support, no matter the size or complexity of the property. The specific needs of our hotel partners drive our newest features and functionalities. Check-out these 9 facts making Skyware Solutions the best hotel property management software:

  • Cloud Based, Remote Access: Skyware uses a cloud based, remote access technology as a major platform for their Property Management Software. Our PMS System feature provides users with an easy to use, turn-key system that can immediately operate on any remote device including laptops, mobile phones, or tablets.

  • Direct Bookings: Skyware’s hotel reservation system is built to drive more direct bookings. Our Web Booking Engine can be utilized by all hotels wanting to convert more internal online reservations.

  • Seamless Integration: Our Resort Management Software helps to seamlessly connect the entire resort with a single property management system. The distinct advantage of being able to seamlessly integrate Sales & Catering, Spa & Activity Scheduler, POS, and PMS is just another reason Skyware offers the best solutions.

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Skyware Hospitality Solutions The Wilcox Hotel
The Willcox Hotel ~ Aiken SC

"The Skyware system is easy to use, keeps everything organized and works great with all parts of our resort!"