Skyware Hotel PMS and Fetch Deliver Guest Engagement

Female Caucasian hotel receptionist handing room key to guest

In addition to providing hotel guests with comfortable accommodations, desirable services, and a pleasant stay experience, a priority goal of every hotelier is to engage hotel guests in real-time communications. Now, with a joint effort between Skyware hotel property management software and Fetch’s contactless digital guest engagement system, properties are much better equipped to engage customers in meaningful real-time communications with maximum efficiency using limited staff time with comprehensive automation.

Fetch helps hotels communicate with their guests in real time through SMS and email with no apps or downloads required. With Fetch’s ability to automatically accept text messages to a hotel’s unique phone number, a guest can text the hotel at any time. Automation of these texts facilitate real service – not robotic or canned responses but rather opportunities to deliver amazing service and thereby reach the ultimate “customer engagement” hotels strive to achieve. In addition to providing real-time communications, Fetch offers a complete Digital Staff Operations Hub. Included in the operations hub is a full case management system which initiates open item requests, tracks items through to completion, and ensures resolution so all guest requests can be solved perfectly and confirmed (usually with an automated text message response). Real-time alerts for staff email and phones are also automatically included in the system.

With a seamless interface into Skyware’s property management software, hotels can cover the full guest journey beginning with the initiation of the reservation and continuing through the arrival, stay, departure and post-stay. Skyware provides the essential data necessary for all touch points in the journey without staff having to manually key any data into the system. An average 40 room hotel might have as many as 60 to 65 transactions per day sent to Fetch depending upon average length of stay greatly increasing staff efficiency. Fetch Hotel users can also access Skyware’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) data including guest type, birthday, email, telephone number and more to better engage returning guest needs and wants. One of the most exciting features of the Fetch application is its ability to proactively automatically survey guests instead of waiting for the guests to initiate a conversation – or worse possibly missing an opportunity to connect entirely.

Emilio Morales, is the General Manager of the Opera House Hotel in New York City and explained, “We acquired Fetch with the Skyware property management system integration about a year ago just before Covid-19 hit because we wanted to have more engaging interactions with our guests during their stay with us.” “Now, when a guest checks in,” Morales continued, “we automatically survey the guest to ascertain whether everything was all right during check-in. Immediately, I know if something went wrong and can contact the staff if a problem occurred and resolve an issue before a lot of time goes by.”