Skyware Announces RMS Partnership with LodgIQ

LodgIQ and Skyware Announce Strategic Partnership and Product Integration to Enhance Hotel Operations


In an industry-first move, LodgIQ and Skyware have joined forces to announce a strategic partnership introducing a seamless technology integration. This collaboration is set to address the critical needs of hoteliers by offering an innovative solution that simplifies and optimizes hotel operations.


The partnership arises from a shared vision of providing exceptional customer service and a response to the growing demand for more reliable and efficient hotel management solutions. LodgIQ’s expansion into integrated technology solutions finds a perfect match in Skyware’s renowned high-touch customer service, creating a synergy that benefits hoteliers and their guests alike.


“We are thrilled to join Skyware in optimizing hotel operations,” says David Millili, LodgIQ, CEO. He continues, “LodgIQ brings advanced revenue management within its commercial strategy platform to Skyware’s property management system, enriching it with sophisticated yet accessible yield and revenue management capabilities.”


This integration is:

– A strategic enhancement that empowers hoteliers to make informed decisions, streamline operations, and improve guest satisfaction.  

– Sophisticated yet accessible yield and revenue management capabilities.

– Designed to be simple, reliable, and effective.

– Allows for a seamless flow of critical data, enabling hoteliers to access important information effortlessly.  

– A “deep two-way integration.”

– Eliminates the need for complex workarounds, focusing instead on a solution that “just works.”


At the heart of this partnership is a commitment to the customer. Both companies have emphasized the importance of not just meeting but exceeding hoteliers’ expectations with a solution that is as powerful as it is easy to use. By combining cutting-edge technology with a focus on simplicity and reliability, LodgIQ and Skyware are redefining what hoteliers can expect from their tech partners.


“With deep industry knowledge and top-rated North American-based support, Skyware’s patented technology accelerates its customers; ambitions, whether to grow and transform or simply become more efficient, productive, and profitable,” says Robert Palloni, Managing Director of Skyware Systems


LodgIQ and Skyware’s collaboration marks a significant milestone in hospitality technology. By focusing on the needs of hoteliers and placing a high value on customer service, this partnership sets a new standard for what’s possible in hotel management technology.


For hoteliers seeking a solution that combines advanced functionality with ease of use, the LodgIQ and Skyware partnership represents a new era of opportunity.