Interior of historic hotel with African American front desk clerk

Located on the famed Club Row in New York City, the 126-room Mansfield Hotel had its beginnings offering spectacular customer service to well-heeled bachelors and socialites in the 19th century. While the clientele the hotel entertains has changed over the years, the level of customer service has not. In order to maintain its customer service excellence, the Mansfield Hotel decided to switch its Property Management System (PMS) to Skyware Hospitality Solutions.

The hotel has a rich history as a silent observer to the past social exploits of the city’s high society in the late 19th and early 20th century. James Renwick was acquired to design the hotel in 1890 and was, at the time the hotel was built, one of the most famous architects in the United States. He had already designed other significant landmark buildings within New York City and the country including Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, The New York Public Library, St. Bartholomew’s Church and the Simthsonian Institution Building in Washington D.C.

While the hotel was originally built for well-heeled bachelors and socialites of the era, guests today don’t need to be wealthy to enjoy the same magnificent Beaux-Arts design that harks back to the by-gone gilded age. With the location of the hotel in the heart of the city, it is the neighborhood many people picture when they first think of New York. Rockefeller Center, Sixth Avenue, Grand Central Terminal, and Bryant Park are all available by taking a just short walk from the hotel.

Last year, after experiencing frustrating times with using two different software systems to meet their property management needs, hotel management decided to acquire a new solution. The existing system fees were no longer economical for the hotel and functionality was limited. In investigating other potential solutions, the Mansfield Hotel decided upon Skyware Hospitality Solutions for its Property Management System (PMS). Skyware’s solution was a cloud-based, comprehensive, easy-to-use PMS with a number of advantages to it. Skyware had an interface to the Siteminder channel manager software which allowed the hotel to maintain its preferred channel manager booking engine. And, Skyware also provided a very flexible and full-functioned Point-of-Sale module that would be used in the hotel’s restaurant once all restaurant renovations are completed. “Transitioning to the new system was easy and uncomplicated” Kurt Sookdar, General manager of the hotel, said. “The conversion was very quick and the staff adapted to the new system very quickly because of the ease of use and flexibility of the system menus” he continued.

Now, with hotel guests enjoying the architecture of the past along with the best the city of New York has to offer, The Mansfield Hotel is prepared for the future with a new, easy to use, cost-effective Property Management System.