Helping Independent Hotels Navigating New Era of Hospitality Technology

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Industry Experts Discuss Independent Hotels Best Navigating Hospitality Technology Today

Bob Palloni had a chance to sit down with Alan Young, Co-Founder of Puzzle Partner Ltd., and shared some insights for independent hotels and how to navigate in today’s hospitality tech space. The complete article “Insights to Help Independent Hotels Navigate a New Era of Hospitality Technology” was recently published by Hospitality Net, see snipet below.

With travel demand returning to pre-pandemic levels, independent operators are understandably optimistic about the momentum now carrying our industry forward after such a significant downturn. With this momentum expected to continue in 2023, Palloni sees great opportunity for properties that balance pandemic-era best practices with more traditional markers of guest service. While the pandemic is finally behind us, it’s important to recognize that many travelers are still looking for the assurances that the pandemic ushered in. At the same time, those guests also want to see the return of old services, such as daily room cleanings, bed changes, etc., Palloni notes.

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