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Discover how the conference center at Stoney Point Center continues to get absolute most from Skyware’s All-In-One Hospitality Property Management Software

Located in the scenic Hudson River Valley, just 35 minutes outside of New York City, Stoney Point Center has been hosting large group conferences since 1948 when the original property owners left their home and 26 acres of farmland to the Presbyterian Church Board of Foreign Missions “to help carry out the mission of the church.” Over 70 years later, Stoney Point has expanded its services to be home to the Community of Living Traditions, a multifaith intentional community dedicated to the practice and study of hospitality, nonviolence and justice.

In order to properly maintain high volumes of group conferences, Stoney Point needed a Property Management System (PMS) that had the capability to maintain group bookings in the same interface as its other operating functions. Stoney Point center decided on Skyware Hospitality Solutions.

Auditorium-U-StyleThe 26-acre property now operates as a retreat center with multiple lodges, conference spaces, and outdoor recreation. The largest lodge available can serve up to 62 people and the largest conference area has a seating capacity of 300. “The majority of our bookings are for group retreats, while only 15% are individual bookings,” said Paula Sandusky, General Manager of Stoney Point Center. The decision was made to utilize the Sales and Catering Module of Skyware Hospitality Solutions due to the ability for system customization.

At Stoney Point, group bookings who are present for all-day meetings and lodging are charged one standard price per person for meals. In order to meet Stoney Point’s requirement to notate food needs for large groups, Skyware developers customized the sales and catering module to include a special “Kitchen Screen”. Group bookings will request 2 meals or 3 meals a day. The Kitchen Screen enables the cooks to easily access a list of all of the unique requirements for that group, such as vegetarian, vegan, and allergies. Preparing a group meal with all exceptions identified is an essential component of meeting group needs. “The customization of a Kitchen Screen has been an important asset in maintaining the needs of group meals,” said Sandusky.

By implementing Skyware Hospitality Solutions full solution PMS, Stoney Point Center has been able to maintain day-to-day operations and a significant number of group bookings all in one system. System customization by developers of the Kitchen Screen allows for simplistic notations of food needs for large groups. Overall, the use of a full solution property management system with a sales and catering module is critical for seamlessly maintaining large volumes of group bookings.