What type of training comes with Skyware property management system (PMS)?

All new Skyware PMS clients receive 8 hours of online training via telephone/WebEx. Optional on-site training is available. Online help tools are available within the software.

What kind of technical support does Skyware offer?

In the unlikely event that you experience technical problems, trained Skyware staff will respond within twenty minutes or less 7 days, 24 hours per day.

What are the computer system requirements?

Unlike a traditional PMS, Skyware PMS runs via the Internet—not your local computer. All you need is a Web browser and Adobe Acrobat (both are free to download). For optimum performance, we suggest high-speed Internet access (DSL, cable or T1); recommended minimum connection speeds: 1.5 Mbps (1-5 computers); 2.5 Mbps (5-10 computers); 4.0 Mbps (10-20 computers).

Can I run Skyware PMS software on a Mac?

Skyware will run on all Mac operating systems.

What kind of Internet connection do I need?

While high-speed Internet access is recommended, Skyware can operate with 56K dial-up.

Is my data safe?

Yes! Your reservation and accounting data are stored in a secure computer facility complete with redundant connections to the Internet, 24-hour monitoring and diesel-powered electrical backup. To prevent loss of data due to computer failure, this information is continually backed up to a secondary system. Our data centers use state-of-the-art technology and security that includes: * data mirroring, which makes a copy of your data from one hard drive onto another (if one hard drive fails, the other one kicks in and there is no interruption in service); * redundant power supply; * filtered power; * back-up air conditioning; * several kinds of connections to the Internet; * spare pre-configured servers; and * 24 hour staff.

How often is our data backed up? Can we continue to operate during this process?

A full back-up of the databases consists of an automatically scheduled backup so no user intervention is required and it cannot be accidentally forgotten.

Am I limited to the amount of data I can store on the system?

No. You have the ability to store an unlimited amount of hotel information. Also, there is no need to purge historical data.

What happens if I cannot access Skyware?

It is recommended that you have a second computer that can be used to access the Internet. Since Skyware does not actually run on a personal computer, no information will be lost if your primary computer experiences problems. If you have any Internet problems, it is recommended that you set up an alternate method of connecting to the Internet such as a dial-up Internet access account.

When I use the Skyware PMS online reservation booking engine, do I still have to update my rates and availability separately? Do I have to enter my reservations manually?

If the Skyware PMS booking engine is activated, then the reservation management process is seamless with Skyware PMS as it is the same software program. All your rates, availability and reservations are automatically updated. There is no need to manage two systems and there are no more headaches as a result of over-bookings.

What is GDS?

GDS (global distribution system) is a computerized system used to store and retrieve information and conduct transactions related to global travel. Originally designed and operated by airlines, the GDS sales channel now extends to travel agents and online travel sites. GDS provides travel agents and travel websites with real-time (seamless) access to hotel information, where they can view up-to-the-minute rates, room availabilities and general sales conditions for each hotel Once an electronic distribution channel transmits a room reservation, your GDS connection converts the computer message into your hotel’s unique format and instantly queries the hotel’s central reservations system database. A confirmed reservation is then transmitted back through the GDS system and sent on to the appropriate reservation distribution channel. The four major GDS operations that book and sell tickets for multiple airlines are Sabre, Galileo International, Worldspan and Amadeus. The GDS channel consists of approximately 600,000 travel agents and 1200 travel websites.

Skyware Locations

5100 Buckeystown Pike
Suite 250
Frederick, Maryland 21704
877-759-9329 (SKY-WEB9)

126 Southdown Road
Hertfordshire, AL5 1QQ
Attention: Sara Buchanan
UK: 0190-853-8820 Ext. 301

Skyware supports the green initiative by providing the hotelier with web-based (or ”SaaS“) services that save a lot of extra energy by eliminating the use of onsite computer servers and network equipment. Studies show a 25 to 1 savings in electrical power consumption running Skyware versus running the same applications on premise.