Skyware offers a variety of service training modules customized to your specific operation requirements with the professional support you need to compliment your staff during the implementation processes. Skyware specialists are seasoned experts in the field of hospitality, technology and operational management.

Skyware technicians and help desk support personnel are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and provide real-time live service to deliver technical and operational support whenever the need arises. All support technicians are experienced in all facets of our platform and can assist you with your installation, basic configuration or programming issues, as well as recommend solutions for your operational and procedural issues.

Skyware Support Offices are headquartered in Frederick, Maryland, and United Kingdom.

Our annual support program includes

  • Expert 24/7 assistance,
  • E-support,
  • Newsletters
  • Lifetime guaranteed software upgrades.

Skyware Locations

5100 Buckeystown Pike
Suite 250
Frederick, Maryland 21704
877-759-9329 (SKY-WEB9)

126 Southdown Road
Hertfordshire, AL5 1QQ
Attention: Sara Buchanan
UK: 0190-853-8820 Ext. 301

Skyware supports the green initiative by providing the hotelier with web-based (or ”SaaS“) services that save a lot of extra energy by eliminating the use of onsite computer servers and network equipment. Studies show a 25 to 1 savings in electrical power consumption running Skyware versus running the same applications on premise.