Spa & Activity Scheduler


A guest centric solution to manage spa services and resort activities

The Skyware spa & activities software module is an integrated scheduling and billing application developed for spas and resorts to manage any club or spa operation to enhance guest services and generate more profits. The system is designed to fully integrate with the online reservation booking engine with the ability to reserve space, time and dates and process payments. Increase your service opportunities by allowing the guest to make reservations online. Reservations can be combined with an overnight package or simply just a service reservation for an hour. Multiple activities schedules can be set up to service spa, tours, tennis and golf reservations, transportation services, etc.

The spa & activities module links guests’ activity schedules, spa treatment program appointments, and other special requests all on the guest’s record.

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Links guests activity schedules, spa treatment appointments and any amenity on all guest records for future marketing campaigns

Easy-to-learn system simplifies staff training, enables customizable guest services and creates a “perfect” guest experience.


Skyware’s Spa and Activity Scheduler’s “Function Book” graphically shows easy-to-see reservation status of definite (blue), tentative (green), prospect, (yellow), and White hold (pink) for every activity reservation anticipated.


  • Available to Front Desk and all authorized Hotel Employees
  • Scheduling by Activity Type, Service Provider, or Facility
  • Full Billing and Point-of-Sale Capabilities
  • Email Confirmations, Itineraries, Reservation Confirmations, and Integrated Billing