Seamlessly Integrated Resort Management System

Our seamlessly integrated resort management system is another key benefit that helps to make us one of the strongest solutions available. When searching for the best hotel PMS solution, Skyware’s hotel property management systems are built to have one the most comprehensive direct connections in today’s marketplace. Whether the software module is the Restaurant Point of Sale, Spa / Activity Scheduler, or Sales & Catering module, all guest activities from any of these modules are automatically recorded and posted on the guest folio for easy access by any hotel staff member.

Some of the many reasons hotels love Skyware’s top-rated seamless integration feature includes how it makes guest transactions easier and helps improve the guest experience. The distinct advantage of being able to seamlessly integrate different modules ensures a single point of reference for all overall guest activity and provides comprehensive reporting for the guest’s stay.

So many hotels continue to choose the Skyware solution because our resort management software connects entire resorts as well as multiple properties creating just another reason why Skyware offers the best solution.


  • Meadowlands Plaza Hotel ~ Secaucus, NJ

    “The direct bookings from Skyware’s software has increased our margins and reduced our commissions dramatically.”
  • Carousel Group Hotels ~ Ocean City, MD

    “It’s very easy to find everything that you are looking for. I like the Dashboard feature and it’s easy to switch among all seven of our hotels in the area.”
  • Belnord Hotel ~ New York, NY

    “I love the interface. We were manually entering things for so long that it’s nice to have the option of having everything integrated.”
  • Cherry Hill Park ~ College Park, MD

    “I really like the “void” reason data field. It is good to be able to see why people are making voids. Is it employees checking the price of the item with their discount or is it a customer changing their mind?”
  • Cherry Hill Park ~ College Park, MD

    “Love the new reorder item key! Often one guest orders an item then the next person says “oh, that sounds good. I’ll have that item also”. Reorder key speeds up the process.”

With our 5-diamond service and support, Skyware takes it to the next level, by delivering the tools you need to improve revenue, reduce staff costs, centralize operations and bring customers to your property.

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