Front Desk Management

Skyware’s Hotel PMS Improving Front Desk Management

desk iconSkyware’s top rated Hotel PMS offers many tools built to optimize all parts of front desk management. Not only is this hotel property management software incredibly easy to use, but features such as remote access to cloud-based technology helps to make our mobile check-in function a favorite amongst hotel partners. Skyware’s hotel management software will record guest activity from all resort departments and create a total view of the customer relationship onto a single report, helping make reporting easier than ever.

Since the front desk is where a guest is most likely to make a request and offering the best customer relationship management should be a key feature of any hotel that’s shopping for a property management system. Our property management software has all the tools for improving the front desk management throughout the entire resort, including a seamless folio integration that connects all parts of the property. Combine this seamless integration and ability to access the hotel Property Management System from anywhere, along with everything else that Skyware System’s has to offer, and it’s easy to see why our hotel partners are so happy.

Haywood Park Hotel ~ Asheville, NC

“Front Desk agents and I can quickly retrieve past data, populate it into a new reservation, check frequency of past visits, check the quantity of rooms booked under certain rate plan codes and many other benefits for obtaining this historical data quickly." - Victoria

Carousel Hotel ~ Ocean City, MD

“I love the check-in/check-out feature. It is very convenient. I love getting guests in so much faster.” - Peggy

Carousel Group ~ Ocean City, MD

"It's very easy to find everything that you are looking for. I like the Dashboard feature and it's easy to switch among all seven of our hotels in the area." - James