The Ballantrae Hotel Group


The Ballantrae Hotel Group in Edinburgh, Scotland uses Skyware Hospitality Solutions Property Management System (PMS) and SiteMinder as its primary Channel Manager. With three properties in Edinburgh, Scotland, the Ballantrae Group has plenty of features to delight and inspire even the most discriminating guest.

  • The 4 Star luxury Ballantrae Albany Hotel in Edinburgh City Centre features stunning rooms reflective of the history and beauty of the building and its surrounding area. It is within walking distance to the Waverly train station where guests can arrive from all over Britian.
  • The Ballantrae Hotel located in Edinburgh’s New Town neighborhood is a Grade 2 listed Georgian Townhouse built circa 1825 that showcases the elegance and history of the neighborhood. Completely refurbished in 2014, it offers luxury and modern comfort at an affordable price.
  • With just a five minute walk to the Haymarket train station, or a short ride via bus from the airport, the Ballantrae West End Hotel has easy access to all of the hot spots in Edinburgh. It has a terraced Georgian building with high ceilings and a private garden facility. For those guests seeking a more spacious room experience the hotel offers a limited number of exceptionally large rooms.

SiteMinder Channel Manager

All three Ballantrae Group hotels use SiteMinder as their Channel Manager. Each hotel benefits substantially from having an efficiently managed Channel Manager integrated directly into the Skyware Hospitality Solution’s Property Management System (PMS) assisting them with additional bookings and sales. The Ballantrae Group’s excess inventory is selected and priced automatically according to parameters established by the Hotel’s staff. As occupancy levels at the hotels change, pricing can be automatically adjusted without staff intervention. Payments are received automatically from the Channel Manager, SiteMinder. Using the Skyware Hospitality Solution interface, The Ballantrae Group has the ability to offer a separate guest folio for incidentals separate from the room billings, if so desired. Since guests to the Ballantrae Group come from approximately 25% business travelers, 25% repeat customers and 50% being vacationers, dynamic adjustments to pricing is extremely important. According to Len McCarthy, Revenue Manager for the Ballantrae Group, “The main benefit of using SiteMinder with Skyware Hospitality Solutions is the operational efficiencies we have achieved from the system.” McCarthy goes on, “Without the system we have, our staff would be spending much more time re-entering reservation details, manually changing pricing, and arranging billings.” According to McCarthy, “SiteMinder and Skyware make it quick and easy for us to handle these very important reservations with a minimum amount of effort.”