Age Verification System

Boy Jumping into Pool near resort

Guests wishing for a more outdoors, rustic experience when visiting the nation’s capital have plenty to choose from with over 400 sites. In addition to lodging, Cherry Hill Park also provides a complete set of amenities to its guests including a Café, two solar-warmed pools, splash park, general store, 18 hole miniature golf, playgrounds, ballroom, outdoor pavilion and a walking trail.

In 2017, Cherry Hill Park acquired the Skyware Hospitality System as its Property Management solution. The full-service, cloud-based, enterprise solution increased Cherry Hill Park’s staff efficiency and improved its customer service capability. With Skyware’s integrated billing, web reservation, and point-of-sale modules, Cherry Hill Park achieved a very efficient operating environment. Then in early 2019, Cherry Hill Park came to Skyware and asked them to automate an internal policy adopted in the Park’s General Store.

With five registers installed in the store and all of them using hand-held scanners to scan the numerous items sold to the hundreds of guests every day, management wanted staff to consistently follow local liquor regulations in suburban Maryland by prohibiting liquor sales to minors. According to Office Manager, Jennifer Gurevich and great-granddaughter of the founder, “We wanted to have a tool that would help our staff consistently follow our policy in regard to local liquor regulations.” Cherry Hill Park does not have a restaurant and bar where it sells alcohol, but it does sell beer and wine in its General Store. So, based upon Cherry Hill Park’s request, Skyware developed an Age verification system included in the point-of-sale module.

Now when staff members scan any beer or wine sale at one of the registers, the system will automatically pause and ask for a date of birth to be entered prompting the staff member to ask for the customer’s ID and then entering the date of birth. The system will not continue with the sale if a date of birth is not entered. “The Age Verification system is extremely effective, and management can rest assured that its policies are followed for every alcohol sale.” said Gurevich.

Enforcement of liquor laws and their corresponding penalties vary greatly depending upon the state and local laws. For some hotels with active restaurants and bars, revenues can be dramatically impacted if staff members don’t verify the age of guests when selling alcohol and liquor regulators become aware of it. Fines, and more importantly, suspension of an institution’s liquor license can result. The process is usually always a manual one and a staff member can easily neglect to ask for ID of a guest when times get very busy so having an automated system to help staff members verify age makes a hospitality manager rest assured that policies are being consistently followed.