Skyware’s training goals are to focus on your property and ensure the success of your investment that you have made in our solution. Software is the tool and our people behind the company are the secret to our success. Training is essential in using the Skyware solution to its full potential.


Upon conclusion of the initial learning phase of Skyware, you can enhance your knowledge on specific applications through continuing education—whether it be classroom and Internet training, or personalized on-site training. Skyware online training modules are Internet based, allowing your staff and management team to train at a pace that compliments your existing staff schedules. This will enable your employees to learn the system from a computer at the property by logging onto the Internet and join a live trainer in an interactive session. Online training is an excellent and convenient way to educate new staff quickly and efficiently. If you prefer onsite training, Skyware trainers and consultants are experts in the field of hospitality operations and technology with more than 25 years of actual hands-on hotel operations’ experience.

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