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Skyware Hospitality Solutions System Requirements

For Online (Hosted) Services

Skyware will run on most computer systems that support the browsers listed below.

Supported Browsers

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (v5 and above),
  • Google Chrome (v6 and above),
  • Mozilla Firefox (v3.0 and above)


Adapter appropriate for the type of network (i.e., local, wide area, wireless, office, etc). you want to connect to.


High-speed internet access, business class (DSL, cable or T1);

Options for On-site Installations

  • Hardware, Microsoft Windows operating systems and SQL database license are not included as part of the non-hosted solution and will need to be purchased separately.
  • Interfaces for PBX, call accounting and electronic locks are subject to the installation of an interface protocol device (Comtrol Device Master).
  • An interface PC will need to reside on property.
  • An SSL is required for the online booking and will need to be purchase separately.

Contact Skyware for a customized assessment of your hardware needs.