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Skyware Hospitality Solutions Sales and Catering

Whether a business conference, a wedding, a business event or a social event—these make up a large portion of any hotel's business. And with no two events alike, managing the requirements of each so that the event holder is proud and worry free is key to the success of the hotel's business.

Fully integrated with Skyware PMS Hotel Solution, Skyware sales and catering provides a user-defined tiered sales and catering program, providing seamless account, sales and catering management systems without the need for an additional interface.

The Skyware sales and catering module manages conference rooms from one screen, enabling you to make reservations for conference rooms and guest rooms from the same screen. This provides protection from double bookings and the potential of lost revenue. All of your departments are linked to managing the event with automatic departmental reporting. Everyone is informed about the status of the event and their respective requirements.


  • Graphic meeting room scheduling
  • Guest room group blocking with links to the meeting room
  • Automatic generation of confirmation letters
  • Automatic posting and invoicing
  • Multiple room booking
  • Combination rooms
  • Internal reports for different hotel departments
  • Scheduling of multiple-day events

Sales and Catering and PMS Hotel integrate seamlessly into a single-user interface.

Account Management

  • Extensive reporting on accounts, contacts, new business, traces and communication records
  • Trace calendar for easy access to traces and tasks
  • Easy access to bookings, history, competition and qualifications—all from one form

Sales Management

  • Completely integrated with the Skyware PMS hotel property management solution so an interface is not required.
  • Guest rooms, guest/group services, guest/group messaging and functions are managed from a single form in the sales management software.
  • Qualification forms give excellent yield management capabilities comparing new business to booking pace, budget and group-in-house.

Catering Management

  • Our catering management systems are made easy with drag-and-drop menus.
  • Quick event entry allows for last-minute entries into the system by combining three tasks all on one simple-to-manage form.
  • Banquet posting integrated with Skyware PMS Hotel Front Office Accounting.


  • Report generator allows for custom reporting.
  • Complete flexibility when creating BEOs.
  • On-screen reports allow user quick access to account bookings and functions

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