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Historic Hotel Bethlehem Successfully Completes Conversion to Skyware’s Next-Generation PMX Front Office System


Frederick, MD: February 17, 2010 — Skyware Hospitality Solutions a provider of web-based property management systems for the hospitality industry. Skyware announced today it has successfully completed the conversion of the Historic Hotel Bethlehem to its next-generation hospitality management software. The Historic Hotel Bethlehem is a proud member of the Historic Hotels of America. The Historic Hotel Bethlehem will also utilize Skyware’s online web booking engine for commission-free reservations, yield-based rate analysis and forecasting tools to support the company’s sales and marketing strategies. Mario Gordon, CTO of Skyware U.S. operations, said, “The successful conversion from their existing onsite server supports the current trend for properties to convert to a SaaS (software as a service) property management implementation. Historically, hotels have been required to buy, build and maintain their hotel software systems despite having to deal with ongoing costs and service challenges. The solution is a web-based alternative, also known as ‘Software-as-a-Service’. And why should SaaS be important to you as a hotel operator? Software-as-a-Service is a way of delivering applications over the Internet-as-a-service. SaaS solutions such as Skyware run on our servers that support all aspects of the application, including performance, security and maintenance. “Many of the world’s leading companies such as IBM, SalesForce and Microsoft are using SaaS to deliver their services to customers every day,” said Mr. Gordon. “We needed intuitive yet reliable solutions that work together to create more proficient work flow processes,” said Dennis Costello, general manager at the Historic Hotel Bethlehem. “Skyware Hospitality Solutions provided the complete service, with well-designed software that delivers online measurable results, as well as a service and implementation team that was responsive to our needs. The web-based software provides more control over our operation and, as a result, ensures that our guests receive the best possible service during their visit.” “As a green advocate, every hotelier should recognize that web-based (or ”SaaS“) services like Skyware save energy by using computer resources more efficiently,” said Mr. Costello.

About SkyWare

Skyware Hospitality Solutions, serving the hospitality industry with its 7/24 service and state-of-the-art technology, is widely recognized for providing hotels, resorts and management companies with flexible software solutions. Based in Frederick, Maryland, with a network of offices worldwide, Skyware is a leader with advanced software tools for hotel owners and operators who need to manage their business in a real-time environment for efficient operational control and profitability. Skyware will manage any size hotel, resort, meeting/conference center or multi-property enterprise. Skyware’s next-generation PMX solution includes the following suite of products: PMS; Sales & Catering; Accounts Receivable; Multi-Property Management; Yield Management; GDS Connectivity; and integrated, real-time, online web reservations.


Bob Palloni
SkyWare Systems
Phone: 717-599-6963

About the Historic Hotel Bethlehem

The downtown Bethlehem hotel is the perfect choice for savvy business and leisure travelers as well as conference attendees. The historic hotel offers unique surroundings and decor, and provides a refreshing experience and exceptional service. The hotel offers state-of-the art hotel meeting facilities, elegant well-appointed accommodations, award-winning dining and a convenient location. At every turn, you’ll find uniformly friendly and professional service from staff at every level. When you consider the site’s history, known for its hospitality since the early 18th century, it’s not surprising. Bethlehem’s famous “first house,” built in 1741, was located here until 1823, when the Eagle Hotel replaced it. Then in 1921, the Hotel Bethlehem took the Eagle’s place, at the direction of controversial multi-millionaire industrialist Charles M. Schwab, the president of Bethlehem Steel in its heyday. To date, there are many accounts of the paranormal at the hotel. One might see a fleeting shadow or transparent figure, or hear the elevator working when no one is aboard—just enough to wonder if some residual memory of a former guest is walking the halls. Perhaps you will suddenly feel a cold or hear your name called; some have reported being tapped on the shoulder, only to turn around and find no one there.

Dennis Costello, General Manager
Historic Hotel Bethlehem
437 Main Street
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18018