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Green Initiative

Reduce Your Carbon Foot Print. Save energy. Save money. Save the environment.

Skyware supports the green initiative by providing the hotelier with web-based (or ”SaaS“) services that save a lot of extra energy by eliminating the use of onsite computer servers and network equipment. Studies show a 25 to 1 savings in electrical power consumption running Skyware versus running the same applications on premise. To evaluate your green efficiency, use this sustainability calculator to estimate your property’s carbon footprint—and the savings you can achieve through online IT implementation.

Other Green Links

Founded in 2010, the mission of the Green Lodging Council (GLC) is to guide hoteliers on the path to conserve, improve and protect the natural resources and environment in such a manner as to encourage the Traveler to embrace the social and economic benefits as a Green Advocate.  To encourage awareness and participation in preserving the natural environment and the life forms it supports in a delicate, yet complex balance, to the end that we may fulfill the responsibility as trustees of the environment for present and future generations.

Protecting the environment and our natural resources has become a worldwide major concern. This has ushered in a new era of rapid development of products and services to meet these challenges. It is the mission of Green Path to educate and introduce these new products and solutions to our markets and clients.